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Designer Interview with Lisa Opie of Vizcaya Swimwear - DC Swim Week 2016

Designer Interview with Lisa Opie of Vizcaya Swimwear - DC Swim Week 2016

 Designer Interview with Lisa Opie of Vizcaya Swimwear - DC Swim Week 2016

 1. Please tell us how did you and your partner conjure the name "Vizcaya" ? Like what's the story behind it?

I lived in Barcelona, Spain in 2011, and the street that I lived on was called "Vizcaya." I draw most of my inspirations from my travels abroad and since Barcelona is my favorite city I thought that it would be the perfect name!

 2. What was the name of the collection presented by Vizcaya Swimwear at DC Swim Week 2016?

We showed our latest collection, the Lila Collection in DC. I also added some fun cover ups and flowy accessories to compliment the swimwear.

3. Give me a brief overview of your brand?

Vizcaya Swimwear offers both upscale, competition style swimwear and simple pieces you can wear to the beach. Our main market is competition swimwear for beauty pageants, and we have been the Official Swimwear Sponsor of the Miss United States pageant since 2014. We also just became the swimwear sponsor for Miss Universe Iceland this year, and every delegate of Miss Earth United States will compete in Vizcaya Swimwear this year as well.

4. What inspired you to become a designer?

I've always wanted to be a designer but I didn't ever think it was realistic. I started out as an art major at Virginia Commonwealth University, but eventually switched my major to Political Science--TOTALLY unrelated to fashion.

In 2012, I competed at Miss United States and at the time, I couldn't afford a competition suit (they cost around $250-$500) so I made my own on my mother's sewing machine. I also sewed my evening gown too. The swimsuit was a hit and I started selling my handmade swimsuits on Facebook, and eventually it picked up and became Vizcaya Swimwear! 

5. How long have you been designing?

I started making swimwear in 2013. I really had no design experience but I was always artsy and I knew how to sew so I kind of just made swimsuits without following any real process. 

6. We all know that everyone has their favorite designer, Who is YOUR favorite designer and why?

I love Saint Laurent and Balmain. I definitely define my style as edgy so I love things that are unique and over the top.

7. Where did you find inspiration for this particular collection presented?

I'm obsessed with lace ups right now and I wanted to incorporate that into my swimwear. most of the pieces in the Lila Collection have lace up somewhere, and if not, they are just very strappy and unique.

8. How do you keep your designs relevant with today's trends and looks as well as create a statement through your swimwear line?

I think this goes hand in hand with the previous question, I take my favorite fashion trends of the season and incorporate them into swimwear. I'm a fashion addict so I just love getting creative with swimwear designs. 

9. Describe the Vizcaya Swimwear woman?

A Vizcaya doll is definitely a girl who travels. I've traveled to over 40 countries and I've needed a bikini for almost every destination. I draw inspiration from cities all over the world, and I hope that these designs and swimsuits will inspire my customers to travel more and see the world! 

10. Do you see Vizcaya creating a men's swimwear collection in the near future? Why or Why not?

I get asked this question almost every day! Right now, I know that I can succeed in the women's swimwear market, and I'm loving what I do. I think that a men's line would be extremely difficult, and it is a world that I know nothing about, so my business partner Franz would probably have to handle that part of the brand if we ever did expand into menswear.

 11. Give me 3 words to describe this particular collection presented during DCSW16.

Flirty, Feminine, Forward

12. Where would you like to see Vizcaya in the next 5 years?

I'd love to see it carried in major department stores like Macy's or Nordstrom.

13. What can we expect to see next season from Vizcaya?

I'm traveling to Iceland, Mexico, France, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, and the UAE in August/September, so I think I'll start sketching on the road with the inspirations I get from these countries! I haven't really come up with a specific theme yet, but I do want to shift my focus to more competition suits.

 14. Where can we purchase Vizcaya Swimwear?

We are sold exclusively on

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