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Leanne Marshall Exclusive Designer Interview

Leanne Marshall Exclusive Designer Interview

Our Editor n “Chic” Marquita Bianca had the honor to speak with Leanne Marshall before her collection hit the runway this season at New York Fashion Week.  Girl power, hard work and dreams took front and center attention for this interview!


MB: We are so excited to be speaking with you this morning! There are so many things happening in the fashion, film and beyond in industries for women right now does it feel any different to display your work this season?

Leanne: For me as a designer and a brand we have always been huge advocates for women.  As a business owner all my employees are women with exception of a few volunteers or interns.  We have always embraced that women are strong, powerful and they deserve the same respect given to men.

MB:  Let’s get personal, after this amazing runway show you are about to have as we are speaking all good vibes into existence what will be your first guilty pleasure?

Leanne: Well since it is Valentine’s Day I will probably eat 28 pounds of chocolate and wash it down with a few bottles of red wine.

MB: Those two go together so well on this very day and I’m sure many of us will be doing the same thing! Now we know you don’t get much down time but what leisure activities are on your list to do?

Leanne: You know what I have been dreaming about and it sounds stupid just walking in New York and enjoying the sites. That really excites and inspires me the most.  On the days that I am not able to walk a little further on my way home due to my schedule it saddens me.  There is something so meditative about putting on headphones and just walking to zone out and let each thought go away.


Shots by Kevin Higgins

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