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"Dan Liu" Exclusive Interview

"Dan Liu" Exclusive Interview

Our early morning rendezvous with Dan Liu or Mr. Bond himself, as we have affectionately nicknamed him through out our TRA office is still one of our favorite interviews and runway shows to date.


MB: Let’s start by talking about how you dressed for today’s show. You look great and We LOVE it!

Dan Liu: Yes, thank you, this suit is inspired by Daniel Craig’s suit (made by Tom Ford) from his first two Bond movie appearances while this isn’t a Tom Ford suit this is my way to give honor to the movie and theme of our show today.  It was very important to me to work with everyone to honor the film and dress the part, so the atmosphere and tone were set.

MB: With today being the “Big Show Day” how did you prepare? What is your morning routine like on a day like this?

Dan Liu: I didn’t sleep at all.  For the past five months of preparing this collection three of those months I had a really hard time personally and I almost didn’t complete it.  I was able to solve the problem and with help from God I had a miracle to be able to continue to work on the collection and finish it.  Honestly, for the past two weeks I have only slept one to two hours per night and yesterday I didn’t sleep at all.

MB: You mentioned that God gave you a miracle, how important is your faith to you?

Dan Liu: It is very important as I continue to expand and grown my business.  To not have to focus on each season individually but we need to grow so we may have enough designers to focus on the entire year.  I would like to have a full team maybe 2-4 so that they can focus on each season, be able to do more research and have more time to prepare.  I design differently than most as our theme for our show is also the theme for our collections.  For example, this collection is titled “The Spy who loves me” many interpreted that to be about James Bond or myself as the designer, but it is really about the girl that James Bond loved. 

Today’s focus is about the bond girl in a 70’s way with a modern touch while taking inspiration from icons like Audrey Hepburn.  So, each of them is a Bond girl and it is designed in such a way that when she steps out on the runway she is there as the spy ready to kill everyone! <we both put up our guns and strike the spy pose>

MB: Last question Dan, you mentioned there were a few difficult months while you developed this collection what would be your advise for upcoming designers who may also have hurdles they need to move past?

Dan Liu: Three little words, Never Give up! These three words separate are very simple but if you put them together and hold on tight while things may be difficult you can never give up. You will get through anything if you never give up.

.   Many laughs and a lot of heart can be felt through speaking with Dan Liu.  His passion for his brand and the people that he works with is infectious and is a welcomed breathe of fresh air into any showroom space.  We look forward to seeing Dan next season and in the meantime wondering what empowering character we might play next….


Shots by Meera Fox

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