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Colovos Exclusive Designer Interview

Colovos Exclusive Designer Interview

Exclusive Interview with Designers Michael and Nicole of Colovos


Our interview for Colovos was not only a personal one but also gave much insight to this extraordinary married couple that designs beautiful garments.  We found the complete package within them through our Editor and Chic’s, Marquita Bianca’s interview. 


MB: What is your morning routine like? How are you preparing the day of your BIG show?

(Nicole) We get up early, get our family ready for the day and while it is chaos it is nice to work with your family with having your own business you can prioritize your time. The down side is that the business can take us both away but the key is to have balance.  Fine tuning the process and having understanding in a big factor but it comes with us doing it this long.  

MB: Who is on soccer practice runs and other after school activities?

Michael:(Both chuckle) We both do.  We take turns with all the kids after school activities.  

 MB: I had the opportunity to get advice from the dynamic duo themselves on marriage and more!

I have been married for a little over a year and my husband is a runway model.  What advice do you have for couples stepping out and doing these passion and creative type of businesses?

(Michael) Having someone that you respect and understand to bounce ideas off of is invaluable. If you don’t have good communication it could also be a slippery slope.  The key to making it work is respecting each other’s boundaries and communicating.   

(Nicole) The test of a marriage is riding through the good and the bad.  The challenge lies in getting through those times and rising above it.

MB: Lastly, after all the show is over and you go back to being parents what is the first thing you will be doing?

(Nicole) Well we promised our kids we would be going to see Jumanji.  We like seeing friends and enjoying life. We will probably do showroom time and then go see Jumanji in the same day.

(Michael) Yes, there is balance we have to keep there as it is sales week.

This couple gives such great inspiration that WE as dreamers can accomplish anything we set our minds to and then do the work.  Such a gracious Thank you to both Nicole and Michael for their limited time during a hectic show to share both of their hearts about a small look into their ever growing world!  To see their runway collection visit our gallery on our runway page

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