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Designer Interview with Glamorous Things Boutique

Designer Interview with Glamorous Things Boutique

Collection Name:Glamorous Things Boutique

Upcoming Showcase:Baltimore Fashion Week 8/14/16


Define fashion.

I define fashion as making a statement in how you dress and feeling comfortable with it. Fashion is  comfortable, stylish, elegant, tasteful and appropriate for any occasion.  Yes it could have boundaries but if it properly suited it could please any eye.


Growing up, was there anyone in your family who made you feel like designing?

Yes! I’m sure in every family there’s that auntie that sewed your clothing and you would often say “When I grow up this is not how my clothing is going to look”. As children nothing was appealing especially that clothing shipped through the mail.  Now I wish I kept a few of those piece because time has repeated itself with a few of those garments.


What was it like seeing your clothing on the runway the first time?

Can I be honest – it was a humbling experience. To hear my peers from the fashion industry applaud my efforts, pushed me to continue to be original and stay current in fashion world


Rules are meant to be broken, which are your favorite fashion rules to break?

One of my fashion rules I broke was that everything must match.  I am truly enjoying creating my own style by being free to do the unthinkable with unusual looks


Where do you see Glamorous Things in the next 5 years?

I see Glamorous Things as the new trend setter in fashion by inspiring self and amazing others to reach for the stars.  I see Glamorous Things parting with other designers pushing them to stick and stay to the dream that lies inside of them.  I believe Glamorous Things will serve others throughout the world and become that successful business able to reach every obligation faced with.


What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designer?

The advice I would give an aspiring fashion designer is to stay true to your dreams. As a designer you must eat, sleep, dream and drive your dream until it becomes a reality.

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