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Designer Interview with Donald Lewis

Designer Interview with Donald Lewis

Collection Name: Donald Lewis

Upcoming Showcase: Baltimore Fashion Week 8/14/2016


Why did you choose fashion designing as a career?

I don’t know why I choose fashion design a career.I actually still pursuing it to make it a full time gig. All I know is that I want to create some type of art and be able to support myself and family.


What things outside of fashion, inspire your clothing?

People of color cultures is a major thing that inspire my clothing. I love to experience  other culture and how they experience life. I also enjoy how men of other cultures react to each other. i.e. men holding hands in India  

Art, food not to sound cliche but I can get inspiration from almost anything.


Do you consider the environmental effects of the colors and prints you choose for your collection?

Honestly I don’t. I usually only think about the best quality I can produce.


Do you prefer ready-to-wear or concept when it comes to your runway shows?

I prefer a blend of ready-to-wear and concept so to tell a story and show my artistic ability.


What is the most challenging part about being a fashion designer?

The most difficult part about being a fashion designer for me is making it a full-time career for myself.


What is your greatest accomplishment as a designer?

Participating in Baltimore Fashion week  will be my biggest accomplishment so far.


What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

Sewing and some type of sketching, drawing or presentation skills are must to me. I have meant several people who do not sew or don't know how to convey their ideas and call themselves fashion designer, which is fine how people label themselves is not up to me. But my Concerns comes in when I meet these designer and they ask another designer to partner with them to either sketch out their ideas or sew there clothes while they get the glitz and glamour of the business.


So if you had the choice of all fashion designers in the world to work with, who would that person be?

Ozwald Boateng

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