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Designer Interview with Free Minds Clothing

Designer Interview with Free Minds Clothing

Collection Name: Free Minds Clothing

Upcoming Showcase: Baltimore Fashion Week 8/13/2016


In which area of design does your line fall under? (Ex: street fashion, ready to wear, haute couture)

My designs are primarily ready to wear street wear. Many of the designs that will be presented in the Baltimore Show will be readily available for purchase for anyone that is interested in doing so. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons because I feel as if those seasons offer the widest variety of clothing types. It's feasible to wear anything as light as a t shirt, to something as far as a sweatshirt. Anything goes, really.


What drives your work ethic to become a better designer?

My work ethic derives from my desire to help solve the problem for others that I once had. That is, finding something to wear that actually expresses something you think or believe in. Giving fashion more of a personal value than a monetary value. One of my reasons for creating Free Minds was something that I could think and articulate. Therefore, I'm sure there are others who feel the same way I did. Seeing that grow and seeing the community of supporters for my brand develop is what drives me to be a better designer at each passing moment.


 What was it like seeing your clothing on the runway the first time?

My first time seeing my designs on a runway was at a show for a breast cancer awareness at Salisbury University. It's a surreal feeling seeing the crowd react to the collection I've worked so hard on. I went on to do a number of different shows after that and feeling remains the same each time.


How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

When I choose to look, I stay up to date by looking online at some of the brands leading the way in my category of fashion. Sometimes  I'll read up on a few fashion articles.


Where do you see (Line Name) in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see my brand being an internationally recognized name. The logo will recognized and respected the same as any other major brand. I will have developed a large distribution network meet the demands of the large customer base, each with their own Free Minds product that be worth more to them than the price.


How different is conception preparation in relation to F/W vs S/S garments?

I believe the Spring/Summer seasons are more geared toward the colors; whereas, Fall/Winter is all about comfort. I put together my designs according to those guidelines throughout the seasons, with looking good as the underlying factor.


Growing up, was there anyone in your family who made you feel like designing?

No, no one in my family influenced me to get into fashion design. In fact, many of them were surprised when they found out I had gotten into fashion design.

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