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Designer Interview with Tygerian Lace

Designer Interview with Tygerian Lace

Collection Name: Tygerian Lace

Upcoming Showcase: Baltimore Fashion Week 8/14/2016 &  NYFW 9/6/16


Why did you choose fashion designing as a career?

Fashion design allows me a platform to uplift the modern women. I am able to use my creativity to create beautiful garments that women can use as a tool to speak to the world.


Growing up, was there anyone in your family who made you feel like designing?

My mother – She encouraged creativity and limitless ensembles. She was a women who would throw on a tuxedo blazer, bralet, cut up jeans and pumps and she would rock out to the beat of her own drum. I aspired to achieve her free spirit of dressing growing up but I always wanting more details. Thus, Tygerian Lace is formed from classic designs with modern details. 


What were your inspirations for the designed you created for the NYFW Show?

My inspiration for NYFW was turning “30”. I am comfortable in my skin and my designs speak to a consumer thatfeels that same. The designs are bold, timeless, edgy and feminine. There is a look for so many occasions for your modern 30 year old woman.


In which area of design does your line fall under? (Ex: street fashion, ready to wear, haute couture)

Tygerian Lace designs garments that are high end ready to wear pieces.


Do you consider the environmental effects of the colors and prints you choose for your collection?

Tygerian Lace works within two colors – black and white. The color selection for the brand design was design to consider environmental effects using fabric blends with recycled polyester, soy silk,  organic cotton and faux animal product fabrics.


How different is conception preparation in relation to F/W vs S/S garments?

Conception preparation process for FW vs SS is very similar. Tygerian Lace preps a collection through several think tank sessions to review fabrics and patterns vs trends and customer needs. FW garments do have additional pieces and additional details for cohesive presentation than photographs presented in look book of SS garments. 


How do you balance creativity with commerce?

Tygerian Lace balances creativity and commerce through detail. For the brand detail is our foundation of design. We use simple and classic shapes and create detailed designs allowing creativity and commerce to exist cohesively.


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