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General Information

Ashley Hickmann - Media Director

I am Ashley Hickmann, a native of Hampton, Virginia. I work as an independent fashion model and also as the media director for The Runway Authority. I am a graduate of American Intercontinental University where I received a Masters Degree in healthcare management. Some of my modeling career accomplishments include, walking in both NYFW & VAFW, and being featured in Fashion Avenue News Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine and various other publications. In addition to work, Ashley enjoys reading and spending time with family. 

Kevin Higgins - Photographer

I am Kevin Higgins, co-founder and one of two photographers representing “The Runway Authority”. As an adolescent growing up in Memphis,TN , photography was always a part of my life. From film to polaroids and all the way up to the best digital cameras in the business, I’ve always been interested in the make up of it all. As an avid traveller to over 40 countries, photography has allowed me to capture the most beautiful places in the world and share them with others. As a fashion enthusiast and a lover of all things fashionable, it makes my job extremely enjoyable to go from venue to venue to capture fashion at its highest level. Being an intricate part of a creation put together from the mind of an extremely talented designer and being able to showcase it in a format available to the world at a moments notice is exhilarating. Fashion Photography is not a job to me , its a way of life and I live it to the fullest everyday.

Charles Hundley - Photographer

I am Charles Hundley, one of two main photographers and co-founder of The Runway Authority. Fashion shows have always been an interest of mine, because it's amazing as to how all of the pieces to the puzzle come together after months of work. The queues of people, the chaos of backstage and the photographers jockeying for position, all cease when the lights come up and the show starts. Getting to be there and experience this firsthand, is an honor that I don't take lightly, which is why I try to provide the best images possible to our readers.